About us

We are the international payment service provider that helps to monetize your business, achieve better sales by the competitive prices, world’s best reliable banks and high quality support

MisterPay is:

  • Reliable payment system;
  • Loyal and reasonable rates;
  • New legal entity incorporation and support;
  • Bank accounts opening;
  • Quick and high-quality help from the support department.


The Payment processing is carried out through our modern and secure processing center. The functionality of our platform and the ease of use meets all the current requirements of the market


Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

Using international anti-fraud and cross-payment tools, web stores can detect and prevent fraudulent activity.


Antifraud system

Flexible filter settings allow you to effectively contend the  transactions that might by fraudulent. You can limit the payments by the selected parameters.


Regular payments You can set up regular automatic bank payment by a card according to the schedule agreed in advance between you and the card holder. Quick support

Our support team will help you with any problems such as technical integration, payments issues, setting up the platform for user.


We accept different kinds of business emphasizing the high risk businesses such as gambling, gaming, dating, forex, adult media.

As far as we have the long term cooperation with the leading banks we can propose the better rates for your business.